Euraxess Hubs Scientific Startup - Inception Webinar

Dear colleagues,


Alternative careers beyond academia are part of the EURAXESS Hubs project. Two webinars will be conducted on the topic of scientific entrepreneurship within the framework of WP4.

IP&D, Israel is pleased to invite you to attend the EURAXESS Hubs Scientific

Startup - Inception Webinar on May 10th, the first of the two webinars. In this 2-hour Webinar, we will be defining and describing concepts of scientific startup entrepreneurship, introducing the EURAXESS Startup Hub, highlighting a new digital toolkit, and presenting some best practices.

The EURAXESS Scientific Start-up Hub is a network of EURAXESS Hubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Luxembourg, Montenegro, and Serbia, aiming at promoting and supporting novel scientific start-up entrepreneurship careers.


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