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Temporary residence on the basis of scientific work may be granted to an foreigner who participate in research projects relevant to BiH, researchers and representatives of international organizations or who are members of international scientific mission, conducting research in BiH by the Council of Ministers, university professors of universities in Bosnia call for educators, scientists at the professional or scientific training, experts, teachers and lecturers of foreign cultural and educational institutions which is being carried out their professional work within the cultural and educational cooperation.

Needed for approval / renewal of temporary residence, an foreigner shall in addition to evidence of meeting the general conditions for granting temporary residence to submit the following evidence to justify staying on this basis:

  • evidence which shows that the foreigner is engaged in research projects,
  • confirmation of the competent authorities in Bosnia that led project is important for BiH in which the foreigner is engaged as an expert is needed for the project,
  • a contract or agreement on cooperation between the competent authorities or institutions in BiH concluded with a foreigner who has information about the period in which an foreigner is engaged, the rights and obligations of the parties, and guarantee the competent authority to ensure the foreigner means of subsistence, accommodation, medical costs and other costs to stay of foreigners in BiH and that the foreigner at the end of the engagement to leave the country.
  • Temporary residence is granted for the period specified in the contract of engagement, but no later than one year, provided that the importance of the foreigners travel document in three months longer than the period of stay, a temporary residence permit granted to an foreigner if BiH does not stay for more than 30 consecutive days and not longer than three months a year with interruptions.


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