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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working in BIH


In accordance with the regulations on labor and employment, as well as collective agreements and general acts of employers, foreigners employed in domestic legal and private institutions and organizations, have the same rights, obligations and responsibilities to the labor and employment as nationals, unless the international agreement provides otherwise.

In addition to the general conditions determined by law, the conditions determined by the collective agreement and the general acts of the employer, a foreigner must also fulfill a special condition: to have a work permit for concluding an employment contract issued by the Employment Service of Republika Srpska.

The work permit is issued by the branch office of the Employment Agency of the Republic of Srpska competent according to the headquarters of the employer.

Foreigners with approved permanent residence in BiH, foreigners with approved international protection in BiH and foreigners with temporary protection granted have the right to work in the Republic of Srpska as well as its citizens, without the obligation to obtain a work permit.