25/09/2020 IPR modules for UNIBL - hands-on training and workshop with focus on IPR rulebook at UNIBL

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EURAXESS BHO for Bosnia and Herzegovina will contribute to CDC cooperation with home centre at the University of Banja Luka.

Miroslav Malinovic, a member of EURAXESS BIH will hold final session (12:45-13:30): aligned with activities in a national-funded project, a final session has the main goal to provide hands-on training for researchers at the University of Banja Luka focusing on the procedures as defined in IPR rulebook.

Since IPR rulebook and experiences at the regional level are significantly similar, and the language used is aligned with languages used in B&H, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, as well as very understandable by colleagues from North Macedonia and Slovenia, we invite all interested parties to join us.

The webinar will be facilitated on Google Meets platform.

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The webinar will be however recorded and provided on UNIBL youtube channel.