In accordance with the regulations on labor and employment, as well as collective agreements and general acts of employers, foreigners employed in domestic 

legal and natural persons have the same rights, obligations and responsibilities under labor and employment of nationals, unless the international agreement provides otherwise.

Foreigners must also meet the specific requirement to have a work permit for a contract of employment issued of the respective authority:

1) work permit is a permit for a foreigner's paid work.

2) work permit to conclude a contract with a foreigner, at the request of an employer who employs him, shall issue in the form of a decision by the competent branch office of the employer, based on the quota of work permits in the Republic of Srpska.

3) annual quota determined by the respective autority.

4) Work permits are issued by quota determined from the first to extend work permits issued, and then for new employment.

Required documents for opening an account:

• copy of identity card

• original or certified copy of the certificate of residence from IDDEEA. 

List of all banks in BiH: 

Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina