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On May 2010, in BiH started the project titled  "Development of Network Mobility Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BAMONET)”. 
The aim of this three years project is to develop a network of Mobility Centres in line with EURAXESS initiative,  which will offer quality and consistent services and
support for mobile researchers, as well as personalized assistance.

The project is supported by the European Commission within the FP7  "PEOPLE" program area and main project objectives are:

  • to establish structured network of service and information providers, enabling practical assistance to researchers in all issues related to their experience of mobility;
  • to develop organizational framework for providing of best performance in information and services delivery, and
  • to promote EURAXESS values through the BIH researchers' mobility portal, linked to pan- European Mobility Portal.

The project participants are the Ministry of Civil Affairs (project coordinator), University of Banja Luka (“Bridgehead”,  partner) and the University of Sarajevo (partner).

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