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BIH in brief
Territorial organization

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. In the north, west and southwest, bordering with Croatia, and east and south with Serbia and Montenegro. BiH  lies on the sea near the town of Neum, which covers about 21 km of coastline.

Administrative, BiH  consists of two entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska. Federation is administratively divided into 10 cantons. Cantons are divided into municipalities. In the territory of the FBiH has 79 municipalities. The town of Brcko is a separate administrative unit - district.

BIH Presidency official presentation

Council of Ministers official presentation

Federation of BIH Goverment's official presentation

Republic of Srpska Government's official presentation

Brčko District's official presentation (open in local language only)

Basic data

South East Europe, the Balkan peninsula, at north, west and southeast it borders on the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has an exit to the Adriatic Sea 13 km of the coast line.

Geographic coordinates:
44˚16'30'' North, 42˚33'00'' South, 44˚03'00'' East, 44˚49'30'' West Territory: 51.209,00 km²

Lowest point:
Zero point on the Adriatic Sea cost, city Neum

Highest point:
The highest mountain peak Maglić, 2386 m

3,8 millions (year 2003)

Capital city:
Sarajevo, population is around 500.000 citizens

Other major cites:
Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar,East Sarajevo and Doboj

coal, bauxite, iran ore, zinc, lead, textile, tobacco and wood

Mediterranean (maritime) climate in the southeast, continental mountain (Alps) climate in the central part, moderate continental (central European) climate in the north.

Political system

Administrative division
Two entities: the Federation and the Serbian, and Brcko District. FBiH is administratively divided into 10 cantons. In the territory of the FBiH and 79 municipalities. Serbian Republic is administratively divided into 62 municipalities.

The Dayton Agreement signed on December 14, 1995 also included the new constitution which is in effect; every Entity also has its own constitution

Legal system:
Civil law system

Convertible Mark (KM) Currency code: BAM Exchange rate: 1,95583KM for 1 €

Main airports:
Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar

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