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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Bosnia and Herzegovina EURAXESS Portal!

The portal is a gateway to a Bosnia and Herzegovina EURAXESS Services network. Our Services network is part of a European network consisting of more than 200 centres in 37 countries. Our objective is to help remove the barriers to the mobility of researchers.

These pages will provide you with useful information on life and work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and will offer assistance for your and your family's mobility. BiH researchers, who wish to continue with their research work in Europe, can also find information and assistance relating to research, including Research Job Vacancies, as well as Grants and Fellowships. Furthermore EURAXESS provides solutions for universities, research institutes and companies interested in employing researchers from abroad.

Join us in improving researchers' mobility – tell us about your experiences as a foreign researcher in BiH! Bosnia and Herzegovina EURAXESS team wish you a warm welcome! Enjoy your stay!


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For incoming researchers
All job vacancies for incoming researchers to BiH
For urgent queries, related to employment opportunities for researchers in BiH, contact our helpdesk.
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For outgoing researchers
Search for hundreds of EURAXESS job vacancies for researchers in Europe.
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