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Dianet Project

The next Thematic Seminars are dedicated to "Management of Mobility", 11-13 November 2013, Trieste, 

Forthcoming seminars organized by Area Science Park(, in the framework of the EU project “DIAnet - Danubian Initiative and Alps Adriatic Network”, will be held in Trieste, from November 11th to 13th, 2013 
The focus will be on:
3. "International placement" - November 13th, 2013
Each seminar aims at sharing good practices and transferring competences at an international level, not only thanks to the international speakers but also to the participation of an international audience. Therefore your participation will be particularly appreciate.
As did in the past, I also kindly ask you to foreword the information to technical, administrative and managerial staff  working for your institution/organization.
Participants can register by November 5th 2013 filling the form available at:
It is possible to register to more than one seminar. Participation is free.
For more information on the project please see
For more information on Trieste and on accommodation you can write
Thank you for your collaboration,
Kind regards,
Anna Comini
Anna Comini

Ufficio Coordinamento e Internazionalizzazione degli Enti di Ricerca regionali
Servizio Formazione Progettazione e Gestione Progetti
AREA Science Park
Padriciano, 99 – Trieste (Italy) 

Tel. +39 040/375 5246 
Tel. +39 040/304 972 (Monday and Thursday)
Fax. +39 040/375 5320

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